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How do I configure network settings from the serial port of a Premiere system component?

This article applies to Premiere system components only.

If the IP address of a Premiere system component cannot be determined, and you need to reset the IP address via serial connection, connect the RS-232 port of the component to a standard DB-9 serial port of a computer with a DB-9 serial cable. Use a straight-through cable for players and a crossover cable for servers. Next, configure a serial-capable terminal emulator (e.g. HyperTerm or PuTTY) to 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit (8N1), and no flow control. For a player or disc vault, set the speed to 19,200 bps and for a server set it to 115,200 bps.

Now execute the following commands (followed by [ENTER]) in the terminal emulator to view or set the network settings:

To get the device's current network settings:


To set a device to DHCP:


To set a device to a static address, in this case IP address, Subnet Mask of, Gateway of and primary and secondary DNS of and respectively:


Once you have changed a component's IP address, reboot it for the changes to take effect. 

NOTE: The M300 Player, and the out-of-production 1080p Mini Player do not have a serial port.



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