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1U/3U Hard Drives with Sticky Latch


A small number of low-profile disk cartridges were manufactured with one screw that was tightened too much. This can cause latches to become stuck. (The latch is the grey or black plastic triangular wedge that extends from the cover at one end of the disk cartridge.)

The latch is designed to catch on the chassis and hold the disk cartridge securely in the slot. If the latch sticks down, the disk cartridge will slide freely in and out of the slot without seating properly.


Power down the server before you begin this procedure. If you suspect you have a drive with a sticky latch and are going to check one,  we recommend that you check all of the drives to avoid a repeat service.

Tools Required: Small flat head screwdriver and a small Phillips screwdriver


1. Check that the latch is not sticking because of dust.

2. Try to release the latch by moving the latch with a fingernail or a small flathead screwdriver. Press the Kaleidescape logo button repeatedly to test the latch. Pressing the button should cause the latch to move down (or inside the disk cartridge), and releasing the button should allow the latch to move up (or outside).

3. If the latch sticks, remove the white face plate by placing a small flat head screwdriver in the long curved seam between the white face-plate and the grey or black cover. Gently pry the face plate away, applying force evenly to both sides

User-added image

NOTE: There are six tabs (three in each seam) holding the white face-plate to the gray cover. It might be necessary to pry near these tabs and open one seam at time.

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4. Remove the Kaleidescape logo button. (After the white face-plate is removed, the logo button is not secure.)

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5. Use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the screw closest to the latch. There are two screws that hold the grey cover to the metal body of the disk cartridge.

NOTE: Be careful to loosen the screw only enough so that the latch can move freely up and down.

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6. Replace the white face-plate.

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7. Test to be sure the latch operates correctly.



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