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AMX Control System Guide & Drivers

Kaleidescape provides a control module for AMX NetLinx processors. This module provides control for the Kaleidescape onscreen display (OSD), as well as standalone touch panel control (SATP) and keypad control for music zones. A single module can control every zone in a Kaleidescape System via RS-232 or TCP/IP.

Touch panel templates are also available for the following types of touch panels:



Delivers text-based details for all content. The touch panel replicates the details page for each movie or album while browsing the onscreen display.




Displays the Kaleidescape System onscreen display on the touch panel, along with other controls.




Provides text-based music controls on touch panels in rooms without video displays (e.g., hallways).


Programming AMX Controllers for a Kaleidescape System

This document explains how to configure an AMX control system for a Kaleidescape System.

Download all AMX files

This ZIP file includes all Kaleidescape software, templates, and documentation for AMX control systems.

AMX NetLinx Processors Module v8.4.0

This ZIP file includes the Kaleidescape module, include file, sample code, and documentation for an AMX NetLinx processor.


Download Templates

ModelsResolutionOSD VideoOSD No VideoStandalone
MVP-5200i, NXD-1000Vi, NXD-700Vi, NXD-CV5, NXT-CV10, NXT-CV10/PB, NXD-CV10, NXD-CV7, NXT-CV7800x480DownloadDownloadDownload
NXT-CA12, NXD-CA12, MVP-8400, MVP-8400i800x600-DownloadDownload
NXD-1200V, NXT-1200V, NXD-1200VG, NXT-1200VG, NXT-CV12, NXD-CV12800x600DownloadDownloadDownload
NXD-1500VG, NXT-1500VG, NXT-CV15, NXD-CV151024x768DownloadDownloadDownload
NXT-1700VG, NXD-1700VG, NXT-CV17, NXD-CV171280x768DownloadDownloadDownload
AXT-CP4, AXD-CP4, AXD-CV6320x240--Download
AXT-CA10, AXD-CA10, AXM-CA10640x480--Download
AXT-CV10, AXD-CV10, AXM-CV10, AXT-CG10, AXD-CG10, AXM-CG10640x480Download-Download


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