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Are HDMI and component video active at the same time on Premiere players?

All outputs on Premiere players are active at the same time with the following limitations: 

  • All video outputs display the same content. You cannot watch one movie using HDMI and a different one using component.
  • Audio is synchronized with the primary video output. It may or may not be in sync with the other video outputs.
  • The aspect ratio of the image is determined by the primary display. If the primary display is 16:9 and the secondary is 4:3, the image on the 4:3 display will appear squeezed.
  • Only the HDMI output is capable of scaling 480i or 576i DVD content to 720p, 1080i or 1080p. Copy control restrictions on DVD quality movies limit component outputs to a maximum of 480p or 576p. The component output can show the onscreen user interface and non-DVD content in high definition.
  • The component video will not output video during Blu-ray playback according to the analog sunset provisions for Blu-ray quality movies?


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