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Cable Connections (Terra)

Network Connection

All Kaleidescape components in the system must be connected to the same Ethernet network.

1. Ensure your Kaleidescape Alto and/or Strato players are connected to a wired network and powered on.

NOTE: If you have been using a single player connected via Wi-Fi, you must first connect it to the wired Ethernet network before you can link the Terra server.

2. Insert an Ethernet cable (Cat5e or better) into the network port on the back of the Terra server.

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3. Insert the other end of the Ethernet cable into a 1000Base-T Ethernet switch for optimal network communication. Note: When Terra is turned on, the light on the left side of the network port will illuminate to indicate a successful network connection. It will be amber if the connection is 1000Base-T, or green for 100Base-TX. The light on the right side of the port blinks when there is network activity.

4. Connect the power supply.

5. Turn on the Terra Server using the power button.

The power button is behind the front acrylic faceplate. To open the faceplate, gently press inward above the Kaleidescape logo. You will hear a click, and the faceplate will swing out and down.

Press the power button, and close the door. The Kaleidescape logo will be illuminated, indicating that Terra is turned on.

NOTE: The disk cartridges are also accessed by opening the faceplate. Do not remove these cartridges without instructions from Kaleidescape Support. Initialization may take several minutes.

Initialization may take several minutes.



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