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Can I pause a movie in one room and resume it in another?

Yes. When a movie or episode is stopped, the Kaleidescape System automatically creates a paused bookmark. Whether imported, cataloged, downloaded, or played direct from the disc, the movie can then be resumed from any player in the system. Simply locate the movie on the new player (tip: imported, cataloged and downloaded movies can be found in the Paused collection), then press Play, or select Resume Movie from the details page. If the movie requires the disc for playback, the disc must be moved to the tray or slot of the new player unless the disc is stored in a disc vault.

A paused bookmark is only created when stopping a movie or episode; pressing pause does not create a bookmark. Paused bookmarks are not created when playing the disc menu, a scene, a song, a script, a special feature or a trailer. Paused bookmarks are not created in the first 10 seconds of a movie or after the end credits begin.


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