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Can disk cartridges be moved from one server to another?

It is not possible to mix disk cartridges from different servers.

However, a complete set of disk cartridges can be moved from one server to another server, provided both servers use the same type of disk cartridge and there are enough slots in the destination server for all of the disk cartridges.

To do this, power off both servers. Remove all the disk cartridges from the first server and ensure that every slot in the second server is empty. Insert all the disk cartridges from the first server into the second server. Keep the second server powered off until all the disk cartridges are inserted and fully seated. If a server is powered on with a disk cartridge missing or not fully seated, it will behave as if the disk cartridge has failed. Kaleidescape Terra will no longer access and play content from the failed or missing disk cartridge. A Premiere server may enter a degraded mode, putting the content at risk.

Disk cartridges are fragile and must be handled with caution. Review the following procedure before handling a Kaleidescape disk cartridge: Handling disk cartridges

When transporting disk cartridges from one location to another, package them properly to protect them from shock and vibration, according to our instructions. Failure to properly handle and package disk cartridges can result in the loss of content and damage that is not covered by the limited warranty.


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