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Control Systems - FAQ

Q: What control systems are supported by Kaleidescape?

A: Kaleidescape provides dealers with control modules and touch panel templates suitable for a variety of control devices, using both RS-232 and TCP/IP. These include: modules and sample code for Crestron 2-Series Processors and templates for the wide variety of Crestron touch panels and keypads; a module and sample code for AMX NetLinx Processors and templates for the wide variety of AMX touch panels; and ProntoScript modules with integrated templates for Philips Pronto controllers. These modules can control both movies and music from Kaleidescape movie players and music from a Kaleidescape Music Player. The Kaleidescape System can also be controlled from a Java-enabled web browser, allowing almost any computer to control any player. Kaleidescape provides a setup program so that any Windows web tablet can be turned into a dedicated Kaleidescape controller. Kaleidescape provides IR codes and templates to support a variety of remote control devices including the ELAN Home Systems VIA! Valet touch panel, Universal Remote Control Home Theater Master and Professional series, Philips Pronto IR-only remotes, Logitech Harmony Universal Remotes, and RTI Universal Controllers. Kaleidescape provides a generic IR command set for use with any PC-programmable IR remote. For more details on all of these options, see the Control Systems section of the Kaleidescape Support site.

Q: Do I need to update my AMX/Crestron/Pronto/etc controller for Kaleidescape Alto, Cinema One, or the M-Class players?

A: In order to support all features of Blu-ray quality movies, you will need to update your controller. Modules and templates are available at All of the control systems modules and templates available in the support section of the Kaleidescape website have been updated for Kaleidescape Alto, Cinema One (2nd generation), and M-Class players and the playback of Blu-ray quality movies. These include AMX, Control4, Crestron, ELAN, Philips Pronto, RTI, and URC.

Q: What is the difference between the SATP and the OSD modes?

A: There are two modes for controlling the Kaleidescape System: the onscreen display (OSD) mode and the stand-alone touch panel (SATP) mode. The OSD mode is supported on controllers and touch panels that operate in conjunction with an onscreen display. The SATP mode is supported on controllers and touch panels for music-only zones that operate without an onscreen display.

Q: Can I control multiple movie or music zones with a single controller or touch panel?

A: Yes. Any controller or touch panel can be programmed to control multiple movie or music zones. This is useful for wireless controllers or touch panels that roam between different rooms in the home, or for installations in which the Kaleidescape System is centrally located for distribution using an audio/video switcher.

Q: Can I use an in-wall keypad to control music?

A: Yes, you can use an in-wall keypad to control music. This is useful for listening zones that have no video display and no touch panel. Kaleidescape's very simple keypad interface includes button presets for playing specific albums, mix albums, artists, genres, collections, including user-defined music collections. You can cycle through any collection by using next and previous buttons, and you can press-and-hold a button to set it to the now playing list. With some compatible keypads, you can even determine the status of the system through selective lighting of buttons. For example, if Preset 1 is currently playing, the lights on the "Play" and "Preset 1" buttons may be active.

Q: How can I control music with the Kaleidescape System?

A: You can control a music zone with any control device that you use to control your Kaleidescape System. You can control music using the onscreen display, the browser interface or a Control panel. Any controller, touch panel or keypad can control a music zone: an onscreen display is not required to display music information such as artist, album, track, genre, cover art, playback time, and progress information.

Q: Can I use a controller or touch panel to control music in an area without a video display?

A: Yes, your music library can be browsed, selected, and played back using a controller or a stand-alone interactive touch panel. You can view information about your music on these controllers or touch panels, navigate lists, and select music to play, all without the use of the onscreen display. The bi-directional Kaleidescape Control System Protocol can supply music information fields to a controller or touch panel or other devices with data display capabilities. A touch panel video feed is not required to display music information such as artist, album, track, genre, cover art, playback time, and progress information.



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