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Do I need to do anything to the disk cartridges in a 1U or 3U Server before installation?

The disk cartridges are shipped in separate packaging that rests inside the same box as the 1U or 3U Server. Before each cartridge is installed, press the logo button repeatedly checking that the latch is free-moving. If the button or the latch sticks at all, follow the instructions at to correct this. Insert each properly functioning disk cartridge into any empty slot in the server. In a 1U Server, the proper orientation of the disk cartridge is with the logo button to the left, and in a 3U Server, it is with the logo button to the top. Press the cartridge into the slot gently, but firmly, until the latch can be heard, or felt, locking into place. Insert all disk cartridges including any blank cartridges until the server is full; there should be no empty slots.

Before powering on the server, do a final check that each latch is properly engaged in the slot. Gently slide a finger over each logo button paying attention to the tension. If the button is firm, with no give, then the latch is properly engaged. If the button is loose and can be pressed in lightly, then remove the disk cartridge and double-check the latch. Once all disk cartridges are properly latched into their slot, power on the server.



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