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Downloading from the Kaleidescape Movie Store

What should I know about bandwidth caps?

A bandwidth cap limits the amount of data that you can transfer over a specified period of time. Bandwidth caps are determined by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), and can often be increased. Contact your ISP for more information.

Downloads are slowing my Internet connection down. What can I do?

A download speed limit can be set on the Downloads page. You can also pause downloads while using your Internet connection for other things.

How can I manage my downloads or see my download history?

Use the "Downloads" page to see a list of current, pending, and completed downloads, organized by system.

What if I have more than one Kaleidescape System?

You can activate up to five Kaleidescape Systems with a single account and download your purchases to most of them, at no additional cost.

Some titles which originated from your UltraViolet library may only be available for download to two Kaleidescape Systems at any one time.

What happens if I delete a download?

You can download it again at any time from "My Movies".

How do I delete missing titles from my system?

Missing titles on the onscreen display are dimmed and show a warning message when opening the details sheet. Navigate to "More Options", and delete the downloaded title to remove these titles from your system.

Missing titles on the browser interface History tab are marked as "Missing" and can be deleted by selecting the titles in question and clicking "Delete".

How do downloads work with Kaleidescape Co-Star?

The Movie Store will recognize when two systems are paired, and will automatically direct downloads to one system or the other. Specifically, for future Movie Store downloads:

  • All 4K content will be stored on the Strato system.
  • DVD quality and Blu-ray quality downloads will be stored on the Premiere system by default. This ensures that it is playable in every zone, even if you install Strato only in certain zones. It also leaves more storage available on the Strato system for 4K content.
    • However, Disney-licensed movies may only be stored on the Premiere system if you have opted in to the special terms and conditions for your Premiere system. Otherwise, those movies will be stored on the Strato system, and may only be played on Strato players.

If you upgrade all zones with Strato players, you can send all downloads to the Strato system, to take advantage of faster movie playback and Strato’s upscaling. A download destination setting is available on the Strato browser interface once the systems have been paired. This setting can also be changed on the My Systems page.

What if there is a problem with one of my downloads?

Please contact Kaleidescape Support.


+1 877-352-5343 Toll Free (US Only)
+1 650-625-6160
7:00am - 5:00pm PT (M - F)

*Kaleidescape will be closed on the following holidays.