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How are Kaleidescape Movie Collections delivered?

When ordering Kaleidescape Movie Collections on physical media, the Blu-ray discs are shipped in original sealed packages. If Kaleidescape servers or disk cartridges are purchased at the same time as Kaleidescape Movie Collections, the discs will not be preloaded onto the servers or disk cartridges. Some Kaleidescape dealers and other companies offer customers the service of importing discs into their Kaleidescape Systems. If a title is unavailable or back-ordered, or if you order several Movie Collections that include some of the same titles, those duplicates may be removed and the price may be adjusted accordingly.

In territories where the Kaleidescape Movie Store is supported, Movie Collections are available for download directly to your Kaleidescape System. Simply open the Collections menu
from the top of the Movie Store and select one that interests you. Clicking Buy All in the top right corner allows you to download all the movies in that collection, or a subset of all the titles in that collection, in the exact same audio and video quality of Blu-ray discs, or choose the DVD equivalent if your system does not have an M-Class Player. Visit to get started.


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