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How can a mix album be created in the on-screen user interface?

This article explains how to create a mix album in the on-screen user interface on a Premiere system and Cinema One.

Note: Encore systems do not support music.

Creating a New Mix Album
Open the Music Collections view, then use the arrow buttons to highlight the Mix Albums tab and select New blank mix album...


Use the onscreen keyboard to enter a name for the new mix album. If you do not wish to enter a name for the new mix ablum at this time, select Done to automatically name it using the current date and time. For this example, we will name the new mix album "Dinner Music".

Once the new mix album is named, you are ready to use the Music ListMusic Covers, and Music Collections views to select music to add to the mix album.

In this example, we will use the Music Covers view to add music to the "Dinner Music" mix album.


Pressing Play on an album will bring up the following menu. Select Add this album to mix album "Dinner Music".

You can also add an individual song from the Details page for the album.

To view the details of the mix album, return to the Music Collections view and select the new mix album.

An automatic group of cover art is generated using cover art for all of the albums and songs in the mix album. An automatic description is generated highlighting the three artists and genres that appear most frequently.

Selecting Edit Mix Album... allows you to delete songs (by selecting the "X") or move songs by selecting the arrows.

Creating a New Mix Album from Playing Music

In addition to creating a new mix album from scratch as described above, you can also create a new mix album from the music that is currently playing and appears in the Now Playing view, This can be done by selecting New from playing music... from the list of Mix Ablums in the Music Collections view. 











You can then name the mix album, add more music to the mix album, or edit the mix album as described above.


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