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How do I choose the directory that Kaleidescape Conductor places music files in?

By default, Kaleidescape Conductor creates a folder named Kaleidescape Data in the My Music folder to store your music collection for use with iTunes or any other media player. The names of the folders and music files in Kaleidescape Data are automatically generated by Conductor and are not human-readable.

You have the option of choosing another location for your Kaleidescape music. If you select a different location, Conductor creates the Kaleidescape Data folder in that location.

WARNING: Do not place Kaleidescape music in the iTunes Music folder or any sub-folder thereof.

To change the location:

1. Click the Kaleidescape icon (  ) in the system tray. The Conductor Status dialog box appears.

2. Click Options. The Conductor Options dialog box appears.

3. Click the Advanced tab.

1. Click Change.... The Browse for Folder dialog box appears.

2. Select the folder where you want Kaleidescape music to be copied or click Make New Folder to create a new folder.

3. Click OK to return to the Advanced tab.

4. Verify the location and click OK.

5. If you want to change the location back to the default, click Reset.

NOTE: Encore systems do not support music.


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