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How do I create and use movie collections to organize my movies?

Movie collections help organize your library allowing the system to be tailored just for you. Find movies easier by making a collection of all your favorite epics, romantic comedies or science fiction thrillers, or create a favorite movie collection for each member of your family. Watch the Using Movie Collections How-to Video at

On-screen User Interface

Create movie collections and add movies to them, all from the convenience of the on-screen user interface.

1. Visit the Movies ListMovies Covers or Movies Collections view and highlight a movie you want to add to a movie collection.

2. Open the Details page by pressing OK or ENTER on the remote.

3. Move down the page and select Add to Collection. The list of existing collections opens to the right.

4. Move to the right and select Create New Collection.

5. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter a name for the collection. Click Done.

6. When the details page returns, a check mark will appear next to the newly created collection. Add check marks next to any other collections you want the movie to belong to.


Browser Interface

Movie collections can also be created and used on the browser interface on Strato systems and Premiere systems. The browser interface must be accessed from a device connected to the same local network used by the Strato system or Premiere system.

1. In the address bar of a web browser enter: 2. Select the Movies tab.

3. Click the Create a New Collection link from the top of the page. The New Collection page appears.

4. Enter the new collection name and press OK.

Once a movie collection is on your system, multiple movies can be added to it at the same time.

1. Select the Movies tab.

2. Scroll down the list and check the box to the left of each movie to add to the collection.

3. Once all selections are made, select the collection from the drop-down list at the bottom of the page.

4. Click Add to Collection.

Individual movies can be added to movie collections from the Details page.

1. Select the movie to open the Details page.

2. Select the movie collection from the drop-down list at the bottom of the page

3. Click Add to Collection. The next time the details page for the movie is opened, it will list the collections it belongs to including the one you just added.



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