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How do I create, change, or disable the on-screen purchase passcode?

The on-screen purchase passcode is used to purchase Digital Offers from the on-screen user interface. In order to prevent unauthorized purchases, you must sign in to the Kaleidescape Movie Store to create, change, or disable the on-screen purchase passcode. The following steps describe this process.
  1. Visit the Kaleidescape Movie Store at
  2. Sign in with your email and password.
  3. Highlight Manage from the top menus, and then select Account. The Account Settings page opens.
  4. Locate the Onscreen Purchases section at the bottom of the page.
  5. To create a new passcode, select Set Passcode or Enable. To edit the existing passcode, select Edit Passcode. The Change Onscreen Offers Passcode page appears.
  6. Enter a 4-digit number as your passcode, and then confirm.
  7. When ready, select Submit.

When making a Digital Offer purchase from the on-screen user interface, you will be prompted to enter the on-screen purchase passcode. If additional on-screen purchases are made within 15 minutes, you will not be prompted to enter the passcode again.

To disable on-screen purchases, follow steps 1 - 4. In step 5, select Disable and then confirm.

NOTE: When activating your Kaleidescape System, you will have the opportunity to create the on-screen purchase passcode.


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