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How do I determine what version of kOS is running on my Kaleidescape System?

On-screen User Interface

The kOS version of your Kaleidescape System can be found in the on-screen user interface.

1. Press the Menu button on the Kaleidescape Remote, or press Menu on the Remote Control page of the Kaleidescape App for iPad, or press the Kaleidescape logo in the top left corner of a touch panel using a Kaleidescape control template.

2. Use the arrow buttons to highlight System, then select Status.

3. Use the arrow buttons to highlight System Summary. The Software version is listed.

Browser Interface

On Encore systems and Premiere systems, the kOS version can also be found on the browser interface. The browser interface must be accessed from a device connected to the same local network as the Kaleidescape system. In the address bar of a web browser enter: For an Encore system:

Select the Settings tab.

2. Select General from the second row of tabs if not already selected.

3. The software version is listed at the bottom of the page.

For a Premiere system:

Select the HOME page if not already selected.

2. The software version is listed in the System Status section on the right.


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