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How do I force my Kaleidescape System to check for a kOS update?

Major releases of kOS are distributed approximately twice a year, while minor updates may be distributed more frequently. Anytime a Kaleidescape System is connected to the Internet, it contacts Kaleidescape services once every hour to check for software updates. This check can be forced by rebooting Strato, Alto, Terra, a Premiere server, or Cinema One.

When an update is available, the system begins downloading the new version of kOS which is generally about 165MB in size. Depending on the connection speed, this may take minutes or hours to complete. Once the download finishes, the system waits for a 4 hour idle period before rebooting. After the reboot completes, the software update is complete.

If during the process, the download is interrupted for any reason, it must restart from the beginning. This can be caused by one of the following reasons:

Cause 1: The Internet connection is sporadic or unreliable.
Solution 1: If the download is unsuccessful over a long period of time, an alternate Internet connection may need to be used.

Cause 2: The server or player/server was rebooted during the download. 
Solution 2: Do not reboot the server or player/server unless you are certain the download has completed.

Cause 3: The DNS server is not resolving the host name.
Solution 3: Try using a public DNS server such as or


When the download completes on a Premiere system only, the following message appears in the System Status section in the right column of the HOME page of the browser interface:

Software Version: The system upgraded to software version x.y.z-aaaa on xxxxx xx. A software upgrade has been downloaded and will be installed the next time the server restarts. This happens automatically when the system is idle. If you would like to receive the updates immediately, you can manually restart the system now.

To complete the update, click the restart the system now.


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