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How do I set up iTunes for Conductor to avoid duplicating music in iTunes?

Duplicates of Existing iTunes Music
If you have music on your PC that matches music you will be copying from your Premiere system or Cinema One, Conductor will create duplicates in the Kaleidescape Data folder. To prevent duplicates and save disk space, you must remove the duplicated music from iTunes Music and other locations. 

Copy to iTunes
The "Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library" option (see picture below) copies music to the iTunes Music folder when you add music to your library. If you have this option turned on when Conductor copies Kaleidescape music to your computer, iTunes duplicates the Kaleidescape music in the iTunes Music folder. To avoid duplication and save disk space, make sure the Copy to iTunes option is unchecked.


























Consolidate Library
The Consolidate Library option in iTunes moves music from other locations into the iTunes folder. Since Conductor continuously updates the Kaleidescape Data folder, selecting this option will duplicate the entire music collection next time Conductor updates the music collection on your computer. To avoid duplication and save disk space, do not use the Consolidate Library option. 

Do Not Copy Kaleidescape Music to the iTunes Music Folder
Conductor is designed to work separately from the iTunes Music folder. If you choose to change the default location of Kaleidescape music, do not use the iTunes Music folder. For more information refer to:

How do I choose the directory that Kaleidescape Conductor places music files in?

NOTE: Encore systems do not support music.


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