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How is a Kaleidescape Disc Server added to a Strato system?

When needing to add the Kaleidescape Disc Vault to a Premiere system or Cinema One, refer to: How is a Kaleidescape Disc Vault added to a Premiere system or Cinema One?

As many as two Kaleidescape Disc Servers can be added to a Strato system that does not include Kaleidescape Terra. When more than two Kaleidescape Disc Servers are needed, add at least one Kaleidescape Terra to the Strato system. A Kaleidescape Disc Server is added to the Strato system from the browser interface. The browser interface must be accessed from a device on the same local network as the Strato system.

1. Open a web browser and enter:
2. Select the Settings tab.

3. Select Components from the second row of tabs if it is not already selected.

4. Locate the Add Component section at the bottom of the page.

5. Select the Add component button. The Add Component window appears.

NOTE: If the list of components to add is empty, check that the disc server is powered on and has a wired connection to the network (see Related Articles at the bottom of the page for more help). 

6. Find the disc server and click the Add button.

7. The disc server reboots and joins the system.

NOTE: It may take several minutes for the disc server to join the system, especially when a software update must be performed.

 When an M700 Disc Vault is linked to a Strato system, it acts solely as a disc server; the player functionality is disabled. A Modular Disc Vault cannot be linked to a Strato system.



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