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How many independent zones of movies and music can be played simultaneously on a Kaleidescape System?

A 1U or 3U Server can serve DVD quality video streams or music to up to 50 zones simultaneously; and can serve Blu-ray quality video streams to up to 15 zones simultaneously.

A Premiere system can serve enough movie and music zones for any practical purpose — even for the largest palaces and yachts in the world. The number of zones that can be played at the same time depends on the types of movies or music that are being played (e.g., Blu-ray quality vs. DVD quality), and on how many servers and disk cartridges are used. Each movie player can deliver either a movie or music to one zone.

Kaleidescape engineers have demonstrated that an individual 1U or 3U Server has the ability to simultaneously deliver DVD quality movies or music to 50 independent zones, even if all of the movies and music are coming from the same disk cartridge. We expect that a properly designed and installed system with 12 servers can support as many as 200 simultaneous independent zones. Kaleidescape’s largest installation to date has 98 players.

Cinema One (2nd generation) can be linked to one other Cinema One and supports playback from both zones simultaneously. Kaleidescape Alto can be linked to as many as three other Kaleidescape Alto players, but only two Blu-ray quality movies can be playing at the same time.


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