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Instructions for KDISK-00XX-S Replacement

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Time to complete

15 minutes

Service Kit Parts

  • Replacement Hard Drive with Bracket
  • #1 Philips Screwdriver


This guide walks through replacing a failed hard disk drive (HDD) on an existing server. The following steps fully repair and restore a server:


Find the Failed Hard Drive

Knowing the server serial number and hard drive slot number of the failed drive is essential when replacing a failed hard drive.

The server serial number looks like this: 0108 000XXXXX

The slot number ranges from 1 to 4.

You can find this information from:

  • The system’s Browser Interface under Settings > Components
  • The Kaleidescape store, using the account registered to the system, under Manage > Account > My Systems
  • An RMA e-mail sent from Kaleidescape Support (if still under warranty).
  • The Dealer Extranet page for the system.
  • A call to Kaleidescape Support at +1 650-625-6160.

Identify the Terra Server

Terra Servers can look a lot like Strato players, here’s how to tell them apart and find the serial number.

Hint: Servers requiring attention will have a lit HDD and Error icon.

Terra servers are visually different than Strato players in a few subtle ways:

  • They are a full 2RU in height.
  • They do not have a power button at the bottom right.
  • The front panel will flip down after pushing on the top center.
  • They have two round, black, hinges at the front bottom left and right corners, in the air vent, slightly recessed from the front panel.

Confirm the Terra is the correct serial number. The serial numbers can be found in two locations, from the front or rear of the server:

Inside front door: Press and release the top center of the front panel to open the front panel. The serial number will be found in the left corner.

Rear of unit: Serial number is to the right of the connectors.

Replace the Failed Drive

Drives can be removed and inserted while the Terra server is mounted in a rack as long as front panel door is able to fully open to the horizontal position.

Power off Server

  1. Press and release the top center of the front panel to open the front panel to reveal the power button and drives.
  2. Press the POWER button to turn off the server.
  3. To ensure the Terra is not accidentally powered on during the replacement, unplug the power from the rear of the unit or the power outlet.

Remove and Replace Drive

  1. Find the slot number that was identified as failed by using the large numbers surrounding the power button, shown above. The example below shows slot 4 being replaced.
  2. Remove and retain the two screws on the left and right of the drive face.
  3. Tug gently to disengage and slide the drive out of the chassis. Place the failed drive aside and mark it as failed to avoid accidental reuse. <
  4. Carefully unpack the new drive and retain the packaging. Hard drives are sensitive devices, do not bump or drop. Lightly place onto any surface.

    WARNING: Avoid touching the exposed connector at the back of the hard drive. Static electricity can damage the electronics inside the hard drive.

    WARNING: Hard drives can be damaged by even a slight bump. Extreme care must always be taken. Move slowly and intentionally when handling the drive, especially when inserting, removing, and placing on a surface. Failure to observe precautions can result in damage to the drive.
  5. Slide the new drive into the slot with the label side up.
  6. Firmly press the drive on the outside edges to re-engage the drive until the drive sled is flush with the front panel.
  7. Re-install the two screws to secure the drive. Do not overtighten the screws.

Power Up Server

  1. If it was unplugged, reconnect power to the Terra.
  2. Press the front panel power button to start the Terra.
  3. Close the front panel and press firmly in the middle center of the front panel until the panel is flush again.
  4. The server may take longer to start while it configures the new drive. Wait 5 minutes for the server to boot.

Verify Server Operation

Navigate to the Browser Interface from any laptop, tablet, or smart phone connected to the same local network as the system and verify that the Terra component is listed in the components page with no HDD error message.

Link: Instructions for Accessing the Browser Interface

Content Will Automatically Restore

Content that becomes unplayable due to a hard drive failure is immediately restored to the remaining storage of the system, however, some content may still be unplayable until the failed drive is replaced.

Now that the failed drive has been successfully replaced, any unplayable content will be automatically downloaded and restored.

Return any Failed Drives Covered by Warranty

  1. To avoid being charged for the advanced replacement drive under warranty, the replaced drive must be returned to Kaleidescape.
  2. Place the failed drive into the antistatic bag and seal with a piece of tape.
  3. Place the bagged drive in the same box the drive replacement was shipped in. Note the orientation of the drive in the box as there are cut-outs to allow for the drive sled ears.
  4. Refer to the RMA e-mail for the shipping instructions and address.

Kaleidescape Support

For additional information, contact Kaleidescape Support.

Send an email message to

Call the support line at +1 (650) 625-6160.


+1 877-352-5343 Toll Free (US Only)
+1 650-625-6160
7:00am - 5:00pm PT (M - F)

*Kaleidescape will be closed on the following holidays.