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Is it legal to copy Blu-ray discs onto a Kaleidescape server?

Yes, copying Blu-ray discs onto a Kaleidescape server is 100% legal. To understand why, download the AACS Final Adopter Agreement from the website of the AACSLA, and read section 3.6, called “Authorized Move.” It says “A Licensed Copier may Move AACS Content in a manner that results in a usable copy.” Section 3.6 also says that a Bound Copy, like a prerecorded Blu-ray disc in the tray of a Kaleidescape player, a DV700 Disc Vault, a M700 Disc Vault, or a Modular Disc Vault, can be the source for an Authorized Move to hard disk. Section 2.36 of the Compliance Rules then says that the copy on hard disk can be played so long as the Blu-ray disc in the tray, in the slot or in the vault is not usable by another device. We believe that Kaleidescape and its products, including Cinema One (2nd generation), M300 and M500 Players, and the M700 Disc Vault fully comply with the AACS Adopter Agreement, all our other copy control licenses, and with copyright law.


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