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Kaleidescape Conductor cannot connect to a Kaleidescape Server

The computer running Conductor must have an active connection to the network on the same subnet as the Kaleidescape server. If Conductor cannot locate the server, try the following:

  • Check your computer's Internet connection. Open your browser to the Kaleidescape website at If you cannot view our website, check your cables, network equipment, and Internet service. While an Internet connection is not required to use Conductor, not having an Internet connection can often indicate a problem with your computer's connection to the local area network, and this could explain why Conductor cannot connect to a Kaleidescape server.
  • Check that the server is on and connected to the network. Try playing a movie or an album from a player. This will confirm that the server is on and working properly over the network.
  • Test your connection to the browser interface (http://my-kaleidescape). If you cannot connect to the browser interface, follow the troubleshooting instructions found here. If you are unable to view the browser interface, this indicates a network problem that could also prevent Conductor from connecting to your Kaleidescape System.
  • Conductor requires that the name of your computer does not exceed 14 characters. To check this, right click on My Computer, select Properties, and then the Computer Name tab. If the "full computer name" is longer than 14 characters, click the Change button, select a new name that is 14 characters or shorter, and restart your computer.
    • If the computer belongs to a domain, the 14 character limit does not include the domain name. For example, the "Systems Properties" dialog box for a computer with the name freds-computer in the domain displays the full computer name "". Since "freds-computer" is 14 characters, Conductor will operate correctly.

If Conductor is still unable to find your server, contact an Authorized Kaleidescape Dealer for help. 

NOTE: Encore systems do not support music.


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