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Kaleidescape Field Troubleshooting Guide - Power Issues

Troubleshooting Power Issues

ProblemProbable CauseSolution
The front panel does not glow when power is applied.1. Power source is not turned on or there is a loose power connection.Check that the power source is turned on and power cables are secure. Verify the socket is live by using a socket tester. Test using a spare IEC power cord.
2. The component is in standby mode.Use the ON button on a remote control to exit standby mode and turn on the player. If a remote is not available, press the POWER button on an M500 Player, 1U+ Movie Server or 3U Server. There is no power button on the M300 Player, or the DV700 and M700 Disc Vaults. They will power on when the power cord is connected.
3. With a 1U+ Movie Server or 3U Server, there is no contact between front panel and chassisClean contacts and reseat the front panel. Press the POWER button behind the front panel to help determine if the front panel is defective or if the contacts are dirty, or defective. Dirty contacts can be cleaned with a pencil eraser.
4. The power supply needs to be reset.With older components, the power supply may need to be reset. Unplug the power cord for 5-10 minutes before re-connecting. If the problem continues, contact an authorized Kaleidescape dealer or Kaleidescape Technical Support.

ProblemProbable CauseSolution
The front panel glows when power is applied, but turns off after a couple minutes.1. The front panel lights are turned off in the browser interface.Open the browser interface from a computer on the same local subnet and access the SETTINGS > Components page. Check the drop-down menu for the front panel lights and choose the new intensity.
2. The component may be resetting excessivelyIf the behavior repeats every few minutes, the component is likely resetting excessively. Check the integrity of the power source. If the behavior continues, unplug the power cord immediately and contact an authorized Kaleidescape dealer or Kaleidescape Technical Support.



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