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Kaleidescape Loan Program

Before loaning discs to Kaleidescape, enter the barcode (UPC or EAN) of unrecognized discs with the on-screen display or browser interface. We use the barcode to identify the title of the disc and we try to provide some information about the disc, including cover art, title, cast, director, “Play Movie” bookmark, and songs for albums. We update the Kaleidescape Movie Guide and Music Guide so that the disc is recognized. Check your system about a week after providing the barcode. If this does not solve your problem, then contact us to schedule a loan.

Why Loan Discs?

Our Loan program is designed to allow customers an opportunity to get improved metadata on their DVDs, Blu-ray discs, or CDs. What do you get from loaning a disc to Kaleidescape?
  • Expanded Bookmarks:
    • A movie has no “Play Movie” option to begin playing the feature directly.
    • A television program has no “Play Episode” option to choose an episode to play directly.
    • A concert, movie or musical has no “Play Song” option to choose songs to play directly.
  • High Resolution Cover Art
  • Aspect Ratio / Masking recorded: If your home theater is integrated with the Kaleidescape System to adjust lighting or screen masks, but a movie is missing the control triggers that enable such features.
  • Improved CD recognition: For any missing track information and Artist linking.

You can also use the browser interface to upload cover art and add information for movies and albums. See our Adding Guide Info Document. To identify a disc by barcode, it helps us to know the title and disc number if in a box set, so please add this information with the browser interface.

How it Works

You contact us to schedule a loan (see below), please note, there is a $10/disc charge for the labor to process your titles. You send us your discs. We catalog the discs in your shipment and send you an email confirmation. We process the discs for complete movie and music information. We update the Kaleidescape Movie Guide and Music Guide based on this information and your Kaleidescape System updates automatically.

When processing is complete, we will charge you and then carefully pack your discs to be returned. In the return shipment, we include an inventory sheet with notes about disc condition and any processing issues. An email message indicating the shipping company and tracking number, and a receipt will be sent as the package ships.

The loan program is available to customers and dealers worldwide. Based on your location and the queues at our offices, we will direct the discs to our office in the United States or to another loan processing center. Processing can take longer if discs require special attention such as translation or bookmarking songs. Imported DVDs and CDs are available for playback on your Kaleidescape System while the discs are loaned to Kaleidescape. Blu-ray discs are not available for playback when the disc is not present in your system.

We only process commercially released Blu-ray discs, DVDs, and CDs. We do not process home movies or DVD-Rs.

How to Start a Loan

Send an email message to and provide the following information.

  • Name of the Kaleidescape System owner
  • Name of the dealer
  • Contact details of the person sending the shipment to Kaleidescape (name, telephone number, email)
  • Number of discs (Blu-ray discs, DVDs, and CDs, not the number of titles or box sets) to be shipped

We will schedule your loan and contact you. Please do not ship discs to Kaleidescape before we confirm that we are expecting your loan. Please be advised that you may have to wait before shipping your loaned discs.



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*Kaleidescape will be closed on the following holidays.