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Kaleidescape Mobile App


The Kaleidescape mobile app makes it easier than ever to explore and purchase Kaleidescape movies anywhere, anytime.  And, using the in-app remote, you can control your Kaleidescape home cinema experience with simple swipes and taps, extending the ease of use of your on screen display to the palm of your hand. You will also receive timely information from Kaleidescape, such as movie recommendations, pre-order notifications, or service alerts for your Kaleidescape system.



What is the Kaleidescape mobile app? The Kaleidescape mobile app extends the Kaleidescape experience to your mobile device. With the mobile app, you can explore the Kaleidescape Movie Store and purchase a movie anywhere, anytime; receive timely information from Kaleidescape, such as a movie recommendation; and control your home cinema experience, including exploring the movies on your Kaleidescape system, and playing a movie, concert, TV show, or a favorite scene or song.

Why did Kaleidescape create this mobile app? Kaleidescape is known for its beautiful onscreen user interface. However, to use it, many of our customers interact with 3rd party control tablets that make it impossible to use some of the best features of our onscreen user interface. Kaleidescape designed our new mobile app to solve this problem by providing a control interface that is as elegant as our onscreen interface. The mobile app’s design was also influenced by the lack of a practical way to visit our movie store and buy movies with a smartphone. The Kaleidescape mobile app will continue to play a central role as we evolve Kaleidescape’s user interface, making it more intuitive and more entertaining.

What mobile devices does the app run on? Today the Kaleidescape app runs on iPhones and iPads. We are working on an Android version.

When will the Kaleidescape app for Android be available? We will announce the availability of the Android app when it becomes available.

Is the app free? Yes.

Which iPhones does the app work on? It works on any iPhone, iPad, or 6th-gen iPod Touch that has iOS 11 or later. This includes the iPhone 5S, 6, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

Does the app work with all Kaleidescape systems? Yes. However, the ability to purchase a movie is only available to customers located in the United States, Canada, and the UK.

If a customer has multiple Kaleidescape systems, does the app work with all of them? Yes. The app is not tied to a single Kaleidescape system or to a single Kaleidescape movie store account. You can choose to control any player on the local network, and you can sign out of one movie store account and sign into a different account.

Does the app work for music on a Premiere system? Yes, the app can be used to browse and play music on Premiere movie players.  

Is the app available overseas where there is no Movie Store? Yes. The app is very useful for controlling Kaleidescape players and for receiving timely information from Kaleidescape, such as alerts when your home cinema system requires service, but it does not have access to the Movie Store if there is no store available in your territory.

What is the difference between this new Kaleidescape app and the Kaleidescape app for iPad that Kaleidescape released in 2011? Kaleidescape’s legacy iPad app was designed to be used while sitting in your home theater or other viewing zone. It lets you browse your collection and play any of your movies, but it cannot be used when you are away from your home. Our new app can be used to browse and purchase movies anywhere. For example, you can discover and purchase a new movie while finishing dessert at a restaurant, and the movie can be ready to watch when you get home. Once you are ready to watch the movie, you can use the remote control feature of the app to do so. The remote feature of the new app is faster and easier to use than the rudimentary remote built into our legacy iPad app.

Will you continue to maintain and evolve the Kaleidescape app for iPad? We will continue to maintain the iPad app as long as a significant number of our customers are using it, but we have no specific plans to evolve and improve the iPad app.

What gestures are implemented for the mobile app touch area for the Remote feature? The Mobile App Gesture Guide describes the gestures that are implemented for the mobile app touch area.

Can the mobile app be integrated with my control system? Yes. Please contact your Kaleidescape dealer for details. This guide provides information on Integrating with the Kaleidescape Mobile App.

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