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Kaleidescape Packaging Instructions

Packaging Instructions

If you need to send any equipment back to us, it is very important to properly package it, preferably using the original package in which the equipment arrived! Please note that your warranty may be voided, or your credit due may be forfeited if you inadequately package the equipment and it arrives damaged as a result. If you are missing the original packaging materials, please order new packaging from the Dealer Extranet. For warranty returns, product must be returned freight prepaid and insured for its full purchase value.


Follow these simple steps for product returns:

1. Package the unit according to the guidelines on this page. If shipping disk cartridges, place them in anti-static bags.

2. Address the package.

3. Clearly specify the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number on the outside of the package and verify the serial number of the component to be returned. If the serial number does not match the RMA, the process will be delayed and additional charges may be incurred.

4. Insure the unit for the full MSRP price if the product is under warranty.

5. Send the package to the address indicated on your Kaleidescape RMA paperwork.


What NOT to do when packaging your equipment:


 Do NOT reuse old, flimsy, wrongly sized boxes for shipping. Use original Kaleidescape product packaging.


NEVER ship a disk cartridge in a bubble envelope or any other kind of envelope. They do NOT provide adequate protection for sensitive electronic devices.


 Do NOT use shipping peanuts or other loose materials as padding. These types of materials are not capable of properly supporting sensitive equipment nor are they capable of preventing heavy items from shifting.


 Do NOT use bubble wrap alone as padding. Due to the weight of our products, firm foam is required to provide proper padding and support.


 Do NOT include accessories or other products with the return shipment, unless authorized to do so by Kaleidescape support.

View product specific packaging guidelines:

Click on your product for detailed instructions on how to properly package it for shipment.



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