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Kaleidescape Field Troubleshooting Guide - Preparation

Preparation - Before a Service Call

The following tools and assorted items are recommended to assist with troubleshooting. All items should be tested ahead of time and known to be working.
  • A laptop with an Ethernet port and a web browser running an up-to-date version of the Java software (current version can be downloaded from The computer should also have a working serial port or a USB to serial adapter in the rare case a serial capture needs to be performed.
  • Null modem serial cable (F-F DB-9)
  • Spare router with at least four ports
  • Spare Cat5e or Cat6 cables
  • Spare HDMI cables
  • Extra IEC power cord
  • Kaleidescape Remote with fresh batteries
The following equipment is optional, but useful and can save time.
  • Spare 8 or 16 port 1000Base-T switch
  • Ethernet cable tester
  • Blu-ray disc, DVD and CD
  • Small test display with appropriate inputs
  • Spare power strip
  • AC Socket tester
The following information and access can be required to troubleshoot Kaleidescape Systems
  • Serial number of at least one component in the Premiere system, preferably the server
  • Access to the back of the Kaleidescape equipment
The following links provide information to troubleshoot most common problems:

Troubleshooting Power Issues
Troubleshooting Status Lights (Amber & Blue)
Troubleshooting Network Issues
Troubleshooting Issues with the Browser Interface
Troubleshooting Import Issues
Troubleshooting Audio & Video Issues
Troubleshooting Parental Control
Troubleshooting Kaleidescape Conductor
M700 and DV700 Error Codes
HDMI Video Basics (Strato)




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