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M700 and DV700 Roller Cleaning Procedure

Before You Begin

Attempt to Eject All Discs

Before beginning the roller cleaning procedure, attempt to eject all discs by each available method.

1. Front panel buttons
2. Browser interface
3. Onscreen display (vault must be connected to a display)

Note: Check to make sure you are selecting the correct disc vault when eject using the browser interface or onscreen display.


Tools and Materials

You will need the following in order to clean the front and rear rollers.
  • 2mm hex screwdriver or Allen key
  • 2.5mm hex screwdriver or Allen Key
  • 4mm hex screwdriver or Allen key
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Container for collecting screws as they are removed
  • PEC-PAD Lint Free Wipe
  • Rubbing Alcohol

Powering Off and Disconnecting

Disconnect the power cord, Ethernet, and audio/video cables from the back of the disc vault.

Exposing the Rollers

1. Remove the front panel by gripping each side and pulling it straight from the disc vault. See Figure 1. Figure 1 Removing the Front Panel
User-added image
2. Remove the disc vault from the rack. Use a Phillips screwdriver to unmount the ears from the rack. A two-person lift technique is required to safely remove a disc vault from the rack.

3. Take off the rack ears, using a 2.5 mm hex screwdriver to remove the 7 screws that hold them on each side of the chassis. See Figure 2.
User-added image
4. Remove 6 screws from the back, using the 2.5 mm hex screwdriver. See Figure 3.
User-added image
5. Cut the warranty sticker with a box knife.

Note: Cutting the warranty sticker will not void the warranty if Kaleidescape Support has already issued an RMA for the M700 Disc Vault or DV700 Disc Vault and sent this document to you.

6. Remove 7 screws from the longer side. Do not remove the screw marked in red. See Figure 4.
User-added image

7. Remove 6 screws from the shorter side. Do not remove the screw marked in red. See Figure 5.
User-added image
8. Take off casing by sliding it back towards the rear of the vault. Then lift it off. See Figure 6 and Figure 7.
User-added image
9. Remove the 4 screws that hold the disc retention funnel to the roller brackets at the edges, using 2 mm hex screwdriver. Remove the center screw, using a 4 mm hex screwdriver. Then lift the disc retention funnel off the base of the carousel. See Figure 8.
User-added image
10.If the discs were not able to be ejected, remove enough discs to expose the front and rear rollers. Fifty slots, centered at the rollers, should provide enough space to properly clean the rollers. See Figure 9.

Note: Only one section, fifty slots wide, needs to be cleared. Once one set of rollers is cleaned, the carousel can be rotated to clean the second set of rollers.
User-added image
Cleaning the Rollers

The rollers should now be easily accessible and no discs should be close enough to the rollers to possibly become damaged during the cleaning process. Proceed with cleaning the rollers.

1. Dampen the PEC-PAD lint free wipe by applying a few drops of rubbing alcohol.

2. Gently scrub the rollers, rotating them after one side has been cleaned. Rotate the rollers by holding the frame and moving across the rollers with your thumb. See Figure 10 and Figure 11.

Note: One of the rollers will be easier to rotate then the other. If enough force is applied, the second roller will rotate.

User-added image

User-added image
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 of “Cleaning the Rollers” to the other set of rollers. Rotating the carousel might be required if the discs were not able to be ejected.

Putting the Disc Vault Back Together

The rollers should now be clean. Proceed with putting the disc vault back together.

1. Place the disc retention funnel back on top of the carousel and secure it with 4 screws that hold it to the roller brackets at the edges, then one in the center. See Figure 8.

2. Replace the casing. Set it over top of the chassis 1-1/2” toward the back. Then slide the casing forwards into place. Check that the screw holes line up.

3. Loosely replace 6 screws on the back.

4. Replace 7 screws on the longer side and 6 screws on the shorter side.

5. Tighten all the replaced screws.

6. Replace the rack ears on each side with the “ears” to the front. Loosely fasten the center screw first, then tighten all 7.

7. Replace the front panel by lining up the metal tab at the bottom inside of the panel with the slot in the front of the chassis. Press firmly and evenly to snap the panel into place.

8. Install the disc vault back into the rack. Use a Phillips screwdriver to mount the ears to the rack. A two-person lift technique is required to safely install a disc vault into a rack.

9. If discs were manually removed, the disc vault must go through a re-inventory process before the removed discs can be loaded into the disc vault again. If discs were successfully ejected before the start of the procedure, after the disc vault has booted up, the discs can be loaded into the disc vault immediately.

NOTE: You can manually start the re-inventory process on a Disc Vault by using the following address, replacing <vault IP address> with the actual IP address assigned to the Disc Vault:

ttp://<vault IP address>/inventory.html


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