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My Kaleidescape System does not have enough available storage. What are my options?

When there is not enough storage to add new content to your Kaleidescape System, the following options can be explored as an alternative to deleting content.

Encore System

When a single Strato or Alto Movie Player is full, add as many as three additional Strato or Alto players with an internal hard drive; or add Kaleidescape Terra when additional player zones are not needed, or when the maximum of four players with storage has been reached. Kaleidescape Terra can currently be purchased with 24TB or 40TB. More than one Kaleidescape Terra can be added to an Encore system when even more space is needed.

NOTE: An Encore system cannot be linked to a Premiere system or Cinema One (2nd generation).

Premiere System

When a Premiere server has blank disk cartridges, additional disk cartridges can be purchased to expand the capacity of the system.

When all Premiere servers in the system are filled with disk cartridges, not blanks, then a 1U Server can be added to expand the capacity of the system.

Kaleidescape offers generous trade-up programs to upgrade an existing Premier server to a new Premiere server with 6TB or 10TB Disk Cartridges. Contact an authorized Kaleidescape dealer to discuss upgrade options and to place an order that best meets your needs.

Note: A Premiere system cannot be linked to an Encore system or Cinema One (2nd generation).



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