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Philips Control System Guide

Kaleidescape provides IR commands and application software for several Philips remote controls, including ProntoScript modules for Philips Pronto TSU9800, TSU9600 and TSU9400 controllers. Kaleidescape ProntoScript modules provide control for a Kaleidescape movie zone connected to a display device or for standalone music control of multiple zones. There are two ProntoScript modules for controlling the Kaleidescape System: onscreen display with no video and standalone music control.




Provides control of the onscreen display with details and cover art for a selected movie or album.



Provides text-based music control for zones without video display (e.g., hallway) or when the display is off.



Programming Philips Pronto Controllers for a Kaleidescape System

This document explains how to program Philips Pronto controllers (TSU9800, TSU9600, TSU9400) for a Kaleidescape System. The reference guides below explain controller interfaces.


Download all Philips Pronto Controllers files

This ZIP file includes all Kaleidescape software and documentation for Philips Pronto controllers.
(Last updated: March 2011)


Download Templates

TSU9800 controller (Updated for Blu-ray playback, requires KEAOS 4.0)v1.3.0
TSU9600 controller (Updated for Blu-ray playback, requires KEAOS 4.0)v1.3.0
TSU9400 controller (Updated for Blu-ray playback, requires KEAOS 4.0)v1.3.0
IR codes for Philips infrared remote controlsTS1000.ccf
Templates and IR codes for TSU3000 remoteTSU3000.pcf



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