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Purchasing from the Kaleidescape Movie Store

Will I be charged sales tax for my purchases?

Applicable sales tax is added to orders after the time of purchase in the U.S. and Canada. The sales tax is based on the billing address of your credit card. VAT is included in all listed prices for UK customers.

What are Digital Offers?

Many content producers offer “disc to digital” discounts for upgrading catalogued or imported discs to downloaded versions. This has a number of advantages:

  • Say goodbye to disc clutter. Once you upgrade your Blu-ray discs to a disc-free digital version, your system will no longer require the disc to be present in a player or Disc Vault.
  • Buy once, watch on all your Kaleidescape systems. Movies and TV shows can be easily downloaded on up to five Kaleidescape systems which are registered to the same customer.

Digital offers may also include upgrade offers from past purchases on the Kaleidescape Movie Store

Browse Digital Offers to see the latest offers available.

Why do I have to download the digital versions? Why can’t you just unlock my imported version?

Under the terms of our license with the content producers, digital rights to movies and TV shows are associated with a specific media type. They cannot be applied to the imported version.

Do I get the same version (extended cut, director’s cut)? What about all the extras?

The movie or TV show that is offered can be a slightly different version with different associated extras. Click the cover of the movie or TV show to view details.

Why aren't there digital offers for every movie or TV show that I own?

Not all movies and TV shows are enabled for digital offers by the content provider. Also, some movies and TV shows only become available some number of months after their theatrical release. 

Why are some movies and TV shows not available for my system?

Some movies and TV shows cannot be played back on older Kaleidescape players, for technical reasons. For example, certain movies and TV shows require an M-Class player or Kaleidescape Strato to perform the decoding. 4K HDR downloads additionally require an HDR-compatible display.

Moreover, each movie and TV show offered for sale on the Kaleidescape Movie Store is licensed from a content-rights owner, and comes with terms and conditions. The content-rights owner may place a limitation on which Kaleidescape products are eligible to store and play back the download. For example, storage and playback of Disney content is limited to Encore Systems, as well as Premiere and Cinema One customers who have agreed to special terms and conditions.

If you prefer to see only content that is playable on your system, you can use the filter bar's "Playable On" option.

How do Premiere line and Cinema One customers opt in to the Disney download program?

Premiere line and Cinema One customers who wish to purchase and download Disney content on the Kaleidescape Movie Store must first agree to a modification of how their system treats Disney content on Blu-ray and DVD optical discs. If you opt in to this program, any Disney content already imported on your system remains exactly as it is today, but you can no longer import Disney content from optical discs. Those discs can still be played from the tray. If the discs are placed into a Disc Vault, they will play over your home network.

Customers who are using the Kaleidescape Co-Star solution to pair a Strato system with a Premiere system may choose to opt in to the Disney download program on the Premiere system. This will allow Disney content to be downloaded to the Premiere system and be playable in any zone with an M-Class player. Otherwise, Disney content will be downloaded to the Strato system and will only be playable in zones with a Strato player.

You can preview the necessary Disney Content Amendment to your Service & License Agreement, and you can see the current list of titles that cannot be imported. We have also posted a video demonstration of the Vault-playback feature.

To get started, purchase a Disney title and follow the prompts, or use the "Systems" tab on the Account page.

Does the Kaleidescape Movie Store work with my Disney Movies Anywhere account?

Kaleidescape is not yet a Disney Movies Anywhere partner, but this may change in the future.

How do pre-orders work?

A pre-ordered title will typically download before its release date. It is stored invisibly on your system until the release date, after which it will appear automatically. Some titles will be made available for pre-order before an official release date has been announced. Once announced, this information will be reflected throughout the movie store.

Your credit card will not be charged until the pre-ordered title is released. If your credit card is declined, the downloaded title will not be playable. You may update your credit card information and repurchase the title to make the already downloaded title playable.

Prior to being available for download, pre-ordered titles appear in a separate section on the Downloads page. You will receive an email when a pre-ordered title is moved to the end of your download queue. If you already have many titles scheduled for download, you may choose to change the download order to make the pre-ordered title finish sooner.

How can I find movies with Dolby Atmos soundtracks?

Dolby Atmos soundtracks are available on certain Blu-ray quality, 4K Ultra HD, and 4K HDR movies from the Kaleidescape Movie Store.

When a movie is available in more than one of those formats (e.g. 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray quality), it may have a Dolby Atmos soundtrack on some versions, but not others. Because the Movie Store always shows the details for the highest-quality version when you click on a cover, it’s not always possible to determine what audio formats are available on the other versions of the movie by looking at the details.

Click here to see the full listing of Dolby Atmos soundtracks on the store.


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