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RTI Control System Guide & Drivers

Kaleidescape and RTI have developed several methods for controlling a Kaleidescape system. For simple IR installations, Kaleidescape provides an IR library and remote templates. For more complex installations, RTI provides a two-way driver and a sample program for the XP-8 Remote Control Processor. This driver provides two-way control with feedback, including lighting triggers, masking control, and music browsing on supported controllers.

For more information on the XP-8 Remote Control Processor, the Kaleidescape driver for the XP-8, or other RTI products, contact:

Remote Technologies Inc.
P: 952-253-3100

Two-way drivers for the XP-8 are available through the RTI website.


Download IR codes from Kaleidescape

The Kaleidescape IR library can be used with the entire line of RTI remotes.


Download Templates

System template file for use with the T2+ remoteKaleidescape-RTI-T2.rti
System template file for use with the T2-C remoteKaleidescape-RTI-T2C.rti
System template file for use with the T3 color LCD remoteKaleidescape-RTI-T3.rti



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