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Savant Control System Guide

Kaleidescape provides a Strato profile for use with the Savant daVinci system. This profile contains all the software needed to control any Kaleidescape Strato system movie player including Strato, Strato S, and Strato C. It provides two-way control with feedback, including lighting triggers, masking control, and integration with the Kaledescape app's volume control and feedback functions.

Savant Profile Integration Guide
This document explains how to configure a Savant controller for a Kaleidescape System.

Download all Savant files 
This ZIP file includes the Kaleidescape Strato profile and documentation for configuring Savant control systems.

NOTE: Legacy profiles for older Kaleidescape players have been created by Savant and are available in the standard Savant component library in Blueprint.


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