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Control Systems (Strato)

There are several Kaleidescape options available for controlling Strato.
•       Kaleidescape Remote (included)
•       Kaleidescape App for iPad (free download)
•       Kaleidescape Child Remote (optional purchase)

Strato can also be controlled by several types of third party control devices.

•       Infrared (IR) remotes
•       Home control systems (which may include touch panels, handheld remotes, mobile apps, etc.)

Kaleidescape provides control modules along with touch panel templates and sample programs for most leading control systems. Kaleidescape also provides databases and IR codes for popular IR remotes.

For specific product support including modules and reference manuals, go to


A control device can communicate with Strato with IR, or by using a simple text-based protocol over the network.

For more information on control connections, refer to the Kaleidescape System Control Protocol Reference Manual at and the IR Hex codes at

Kaleidescape Control Devices

Kaleidescape Remote

Strato comes with a backlit IR remote control. It features one-button access to features such as Intermission and Shuffle, while the Movies button User-added imagetoggles views between List, Covers and Collections. The Music button User-added image provides quick access to the Songs collection.

The Volume and Mute buttons can be programmed to control the volume on the TV or other audio device:

1. Press and hold the Info and Pause buttons at the same time. When the indicator light at the top of the remote begins blinking, release the buttons. The indicator light stays on. The Kaleidescape Remote is now in programming mode.

2. Place a remote that already controls the volume flat on a table with the Kaleidescape Remote about 6 inches (15 cm) away.

User-added image

3.     The following steps have to be repeated for the Mute button and both Volume buttons.

•       Check that the indicator light is still on. If it is off, repeat Step 1.
•       Press and release the button on the Kaleidescape Remote for the function you want to program.
•       Press and hold the button for the same function on the remote that already controls the volume for two seconds.
•       The indicator light on the Kaleidescape Remote blinks twice to indicate success. If the indicator light blinks four times, try again.
4.     When finished, press the OK button on the Kaleidescape Remote. The indicator light blinks twice to confirm programming is complete.

Learn more in the Using the Kaleidescape Remote Reference Guide.

Kaleidescape App for iPad

The Kaleidescape App for iPad provides an immersive experience for browsing and searching your collection of movies. The app extends the Kaleidescape experience to the iPad, displaying your movie collection with vivid high-resolution cover art, synopses, and other details.

The Kaleidescape App for iPad includes volume controls and a Return button for integration with other control systems. The following is a typical use case for the Return button:

•       The user is running a home control app on an iPad and wants to use their Kaleidescape System.
•       The user chooses the Kaleidescape source within the home control app.
•       The controller app configures the A/V equipment for use with the Kaleidescape System, and launches the Kaleidescape App for iPad by opening a specific URL.
•       The user can browse movies and music, play any selection, and control the Kaleidescape System from within the Kaleidescape app.
•       When the user is finished with the Kaleidescape app, they can tap the Return button and a message appears containing an option to return to the controller app.
•       The user taps the popover option to return to the controller app.

The home control app must use the special URL in order to enable the Return button.  For help, refer to Integrating with the Kaleidescape App for iPad.

Kaleidescape Child Remote

When the Child Remote is used, the onscreen user interface automatically switches to the simplified child user interface, eliminating all text-based menus in favor of pure graphical navigation of movie covers.

In addition to the preprogrammed Kaleidescape Child Remote, the child user interface commands can be sent to any programmable controller. Refer to IR Control Hex Codes for Kaleidescape Systems or the Kaleidescape System Control Protocol Reference Manual.

Third Party Control Devices

Kaleidescape provides a wide range of templates, modules, and sample programs for control systems from several manufacturers.

Some manufacturers also provide templates, modules and IR libraries to control Kaleidescape systems.

Control devices can be simple IR remotes or touch panels.

IR Remote Control

The simplest control device is a generic IR remote control for a DVD player.

IR Code Sets

The Kaleidescape movie player supports two major infrared remote control code sets.

•       Code set used by Toshiba DVD players and other manufacturers including Philips, Magnavox, Zenith, Onkyo, and Marantz
•       Code set used by Kenwood DVD players

Types of Remotes

IR remotes (other than the Kaleidescape Remote) fall into the following basic categories:

•       Pre-programmed
•       Learning
•       PC Programmable

Pre-programmed Remotes

Pre-programmed remotes only require setting the remote to control a Toshiba or Kenwood DVD player. Custom buttons that jump directly to Kaleidescape menu selections are not available.

Learning Remotes

Learning remotes can be used two ways: as a general remote with a Toshiba or Kenwood code set, or set to accept (learn) Kaleidescape-specific commands from a device that can generate these commands (for example, the Kaleidescape Remote).

PC Programmable Remotes

PC Programmable remotes can support commands specific to the Kaleidescape interface and provide a more complete experience. The manufacturer provides software that allows the remote to be programmed via a computer. This type of programming often allows IR codes to be imported in hex format (usually copying and pasting the codes into a text box), or from a Philips CCF file.

For a list of all IR codes (in hex) or CCF format available from Kaleidescape, or for the CCF file, go to

Templates are available for download for RTI, URC, and Elan remotes. Kaleidescape is also included in IR code database libraries for URC, Logitech Harmony and Opus.

Touch Panels

Kaleidescape supports several variations of touch panel control, including:

•       Onscreen Display with Video
•       Onscreen Display without Video

Onscreen Display with Video

Onscreen Display with Video (OSD Video) displays the Kaleidescape onscreen display on the touch panel, along with other controls, by using a video window on the touch panel. Touching the video display makes selections or navigates menus. OSD Video provides the richest user experience and is the implementation suggested by Kaleidescape whenever possible.

User-added image

Onscreen Display without Video

Onscreen Display without Video (OSD No Video) provides supplemental information with text-based details for content. The touch panel replicates the details pages for movies while browsing the onscreen display.

User-added image

When selecting the touch screen for an installation, consider whether a video display is present and the technical capabilities of the touch panel. Installations can require more than one type of touch panel interface to provide the best control for every zone.

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