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Rack & Shelf Installation (Strato)

Tabletop / Shelf Installation

1. Choose a suitable location that is sturdy enough to hold Strato.  Strato weighs approximately 15 pounds. 

2. Place Strato onto the tabletop or shelf. Strato ships with feet attached.
3. Installation is complete. You may now proceed to the Audio and Video Connections section below.

Rack Installation

1. Installing Strato in a rack requires the Strato rack-mount kit (KMOUNT-STRATO), sold separately.
2. Strato requires two rack units of space. Determine a location in the rack to install Strato.
3. Place Strato upside down on a soft, clean surface.
4. Assemble rack sides into front panel as shown:
User-added image

User-added image

Completed Assembly:
User-added image

5. Remove and keep the four flat head screws installed near Strato’s feet on its bottom surface.
6. Place rack ear assembly over the unit and gently slide into position.Four positions are available, depending upon the desired reveal.In the frontmost position the player face will protrude by ¾” (recommended). In the rearmost position the face of the player will be flush with the front of the rack ears.

User-added image

7.Install the saved flathead screws ensuring both sides are in the same position.

User-added image



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