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System Configuration (Strato)

First-Time Setup

After installing your Strato, you will be prompted to set it up using the onscreen display. Connecting to your network (via a wired or wireless network connection) and activating your Strato is required.

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Wired network connection (recommended)

Scroll past the Wi-Fi Setup option and select Network from the onscreen menu. In most cases, Strato will automatically obtain an IP address from a DHCP server.

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If you wish to set a static IP address, select Set static IP configuration and enter your network information.

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Select Accept these settings to save the information entered.

After a valid network connection is set up, select Continue to proceed to the next step.

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Wireless network connection

Skip this section of the document if you are using an Ethernet connection.

To use the built-in Wi-Fi feature, make sure that no Ethernet cable is connected to Strato. (Ethernet always takes precedence over Wi-Fi.) Select the Wi-Fi Setup option.

A list of available wireless networks will be displayed. Select the one you would like to connect to, and enter the username (if applicable) and password. If your Wi-Fi network is not displayed, select Connect to another network to enter its information.

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After a valid network connection is established, a checkmark will appear next to the name of the connected Wi-Fi network. Select Continue to proceed to the next step.

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Adding Strato to an existing system

If you are adding your Strato player to an existing system (e.g. another Strato player or a Terra server), then once you’ve configured the network connection and chosen Continue, you should see the Join System page:

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If you don’t see this page, ensure that your Strato is on the same local area network as the existing system, and that the existing system is powered on.  Then, choose Go Back to Page 1 to return to the network setup screens, then Continue again.

Highlight the system you want the Strato to join, and press OK on the remote.  Once you have selected the system to join, setup is complete, and you can select Finish to begin using your Strato.

Activating your Strato

If you added your Strato to an existing system above, you should not see this screen.  You can skip this section of the document.

If you are not adding your Strato to an existing system, then you need to activate it in order to use all of its features.  To activate your Strato, select Begin Activation from the Activation page on the onscreen menu.

Note: For testing and calibration purposes, installers can skip the activation step by selecting Finish despite this option appearing unavailable. The system will need to be activated later on, so that the customer can use it.

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Enter the email address of the system owner using the onscreen keyboard, and then select Done on the keyboard. Check your email for registration instructions.

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If the email is not received within several minutes, check the spam or junk folder.  If the email still cannot be located, select Send email again to resend the email, or Change email address to send the email to a different email address.  You must complete the online activation steps to enable full functionality of Strato, including the ability to download movies.

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Once the email address has been submitted, the Finish option in the onscreen menu will be available. Select Finish to exit the initial setup menu and start using your Strato.

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Configuring Settings

Most of Strato’s settings are configured in the onscreen Settings menu.  However, video and audio settings, settings related to IR and IP control, and component linking are all accessed via the system’s Browser Interface.

Onscreen Settings Menu

To access this menu, press the MENU button on your Kaleidescape remote, scroll to the System tab, and select Settings

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The Settings menu is navigated in the same way as the initial setup menus.

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Browser Interface Settings Page

To access this page, use a web browser on your computer or mobile device.  You can easily find the correct URL by going to the onscreen Settings menu and choosing the Other Settings option.  This option displays the URL to access the settings in the Browser Interface.

To change settings of your player, click the “Settings” button below the player’s MAC address.

You can also use the Add component button if you need to add additional components to your system, such as a Terra server or a Strato C player.

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