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System Configuration​ (Terra)

First-Time Setup

If you are setting up a new system with Alto and/or Strato players and one or more Terra servers, first set up all of the players, ensure they are linked to each other, and complete the Activation step. Once all players are linked to each other and the system is activated, you can proceed to add the Terra to the system.

Browser Interface

You will use the browser interface to add the Terra server to the system. The browser interface must be accessed from a computer on the same local network as the Kaleidescape System.

1. While looking at the onscreen display of one of the players, press the Menu button on the remote control and select System ➝ Status ➝ System Summary. You will see the browser interface URL at the bottom of the system summary.

2. Open that browser interface URL in the web browser on your computer.

3. Select the Settings tab at the top of the browser interface page.

4. Select the Components sub-tab.

5. At the bottom of the Components page, you will find an Add Component section. Click the Add component button.

User-added image

If the Add Component section is not present at the bottom of the Components page, check that Terra is powered on and connected to the same Ethernet network as the players.

6. The Add Component page lists all Kaleidescape components on the local network that are not part of the system. Locate the Terra server in the list and click Add.

User-added image

7. It may take several minutes for the Terra server to join the system, especially when a software update must be performed.

8. When adding more than one Terra server, repeat step 6.



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