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The title of a movie is dimmed in the on-screen user interface. What does this mean?

A movie appears dimmed in the Movie List and Movie Collections views when there is no authorization for playback. There are two reasons this may happen.

Blu-ray Disc Not Present

Cause: The Blu-ray movie was imported, and the disc is not present.

Solution: Insert the Blu-ray disc into the tray or slot of a compatible player, or in a disc vault to enable playback. If the Blu-ray disc is in a disc vault, check that the disc vault is powered on and is connected to the network.

NOTE: This behavior only applies to systems sold before November 30th, 2014. On systems sold after November 30th, 2014, a movie that requires disc presence displays a message saying, Insert disc to play.

No Store Authorization

Cause: The Blu-ray or DVD quality movie that was downloaded from the Kaleidescape Movie Store, does not have authorization from the Store for playback.

Solution: First, check that the system has been activated using the same store account used to purchase the movie. If the system is activated using a different store account, any movie purchased with the old store account will be dimmed (unless it was also purchased on the different account).

If the system is activated using the correct store account, check that the system is connected to the Internet. If the movie was recently downloaded, it may be taking longer than expected to receive playback authorization.

Note: Encore systems do not support the import of discs. DVDs and Blu-ray discs may be cataloged so that they can be shown in the on-screen user interface, just like content downloaded from the Kaleidescape Movie Store. 


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