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Using the Audio Output Capabilities Tool


Troubleshooting audio problems can be difficult even with relatively simple installations. Kaleidescape Alto and Strato players support a myriad of different audio codecs, each with their unique characteristics. While HDMI provides a robust EDID feature for reporting capabilities of devices connected in the HDMI chain, devices can misreport upstream capabilities leading to a playback experience ranging from suboptimal to non-working. 
kOS 10.6 adds a new audio diagnostic reporting tool which helps diagnose audio configuration and installation issues by providing audio port status, HDMI port capabilities, and active configuration for each audio port. 

Contextual status of each audio port

A new status panel indicates the connection status (active, error, suspended, disconnected, etc.) for the ports on the player. This can help determine why you may not be hearing what you expect from a particular audio device that appears to be physically connected. 

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Port features and capabilities for each audio port

Audio features such as object-based audio formats are engaged based on the capabilities reported by the connected devices, when available, and by the player's current configuration. The player uses the information reported by downstream devices to determine which audio codec(s) to use for the playback of audio content. These screens display which formats the downstream devices are reporting that they are capable of playing in case you are not hearing the output that you are expecting. 
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Audio output status for actively playing media and the active output for each audio output

The Audio Output Status panel lists the status of the player's output ports as well as the parameters of the source media being played. Use this, once you have confirmed that the physical connection(s) and the downstream devices are properly configured to support the format(s) you want, to see the resulting audio output in real time. 
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Note: The Audio Diagnostic Tool is only available on the Strato product line with kOS version 10.6 and higher.



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