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Using the Remote Control

Using the Remote

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  • List View Use the UP/DOWN ARROW buttons to navigate through movies or music. To sort, use the LEFT/RIGHT ARROW buttons to select a column and press the OK button.
  • Covers View Use the ARROW buttons to highlight a movie or album. If you pause on a particular cover, covers shuffle to show related titles. Press the OK button for movie or music details.
  • Collections View Use the LEFT/RIGHT ARROW buttons to select a collection; use the UP/DOWN ARROW buttons to navigate through items. Press the OK button to select an item.

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Kaleidescape Menu

Press the MENU button to select a MOVIE or MUSIC view, access the details page for the disc in the tray, or view summary information about your system. Disc in Tray  - Any Blu-ray disc or DVD can be played without cataloging or importing the disc. Press the PLAY button to start the movie directly. CDs can be played without being imported on Cinema One and Premiere line systems. Press the PLAY button to start the music directly. System Selecting SYSTEM provides information about content and available space, serial number, software version, and status of any downloads or imports.

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Movie Overlay

When watching a movie, press the INFO button to view the STATUS of the current movie including chapter and remaining runtime. Then use the ARROW and OK buttons to access and change other playback options.
  • Audio
  • Subtitles
  • Scenes
  • Extras
  • Create New Scenes
  • Navigation shortcuts
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Parental Control

Press the MENU button and select the MOVIES tab. Then select Parental Control and a rating. Passcodes can be set to hide and protect restricted content.

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Music Now Playing

Press the NOW PLAYING button, then use the ARROW buttons to select a song from the NOW PLAYING list. Press the PLAY button to jump to a song or the OK button to view album details. Use the ARROW and OK buttons to control the REPEAT and RANDOM options.

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Programming the Remote Volume Buttons

You can program the VOLUME and MUTE buttons on the Kaleidescape Remote to control the volume on your TV or other audio device.

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1. Press and hold the INFO and PAUSE buttons at the same time. When the indicator light at the top of the remote begins blinking, release the buttons. The indicator light stays on. The Kaleidescape Remote is now in programming mode

2. Place a remote that can already control the volume flat on a table with the Kaleidescape Remote 6 inches (15 cm) away.

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3. The following steps have to be repeated for the MUTE button and both VOLUME buttons.
  • Check that the indicator light is still on. If it is off, repeat Step 1.
  • Press and release the button on the Kaleidescape Remote for the function you want to program.
  • Press and hold the button for the same function on the remote that can already control the volume for two seconds.
  • The indicator light on the Kaleidescape Remote blinks twice to indicate success. If the indicator light blinks four times, try again.
4. When finished, press the OK button on the Kaleidescape Remote. The indicator light blinks twice to confirm programming is complete.



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