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What are Digital Offers?

Many content producers offer “disc to digital” discounts for upgrading catalogued or imported discs to downloaded versions. This has a number of advantages:

  • Say goodbye to disc clutter. Once you upgrade your Blu-ray discs to a disc-free digital version, your system will no longer require the disc to be present in a player or Disc Vault.
  • Buy once, watch on all your Kaleidescape systems. Movies and TV shows can be easily downloaded on up to five Kaleidescape systems which are registered to the same customer.

Digital offers may also include upgrade offers from past purchases on the Kaleidescape Movie Store

Browse Digital Offers to see the latest offers available.

Why aren't there digital offers for every movie or TV show that I own?

Not all movies and TV shows are enabled for digital offers by the content provider. Also, some movies and TV shows only become available some number of months after their theatrical release.


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