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What are the M-Class players?

The M-Class players are the M500 Player (KPLAYER-M500) and the M300 Player (KPLAYER-M300). The M500 Player copies Blu-ray discs and CDs onto a server. The imported content can then be played back instantly by M500 and M300 Players, creating the world’s first multi-zone movie server for Blu-ray discs.

The M700 Disc Vault is a single component integrating a disc vault and an M-Class player.

M-Class players are the first Kaleidescape products to be built with the M-Class architecture, a powerful platform for the 1080p onscreen user interface and for playing Blu-ray content. Blu-ray movies are played in high definition video with lossless audio, including support for 1080p video with 24 frames per second, and bitstream pass-through of Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. M-Class players support Blu-ray Profile 2.0 and BD-Live. M-Class players feature a new onscreen user interface in native 1080p, which presents your collection of movies and music with eye-popping detail and beautiful cover art. M-Class players can be configured to output the onscreen user interface in 2.35:1 to minimize the movements of an anamorphic lens.

Each M-Class player ships with a Kaleidescape Remote included.

M500 Players ship with the rack ears installed and include side panels.

The smaller footprint of the M300 Player is ideal for locations where import and direct playback of physical discs are not required, such as a child’s room or a stateroom on a yacht. M300 Players ship with a wall-mount bracket included. A rack-mount shelf to hold one or two M300 Players is optional.


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