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What are the components of a Premiere System?

A Kaleidescape Premiere system includes Kaleidescape hardware components (servers, players, disc vaults, and disk cartridges), licenses to Kaleidescape software (including kOS operating system), and access to Kaleidescape services (including the Kaleidescape Movie Guide, Music Guide, Alerts, and Software Update Services).

Kaleidescape servers in the Premiere line store digital copies of Blu-ray quality movies, DVD quality movies and CDs on a reliable array of hard disk drives and deliver movies and music across a home network to players throughout the home. Each player operates independently so you can watch movies and listen to music in different rooms.

All Kaleidescape hardware components in the current Premiere line work together and new Premiere Line components can be added to expand the capabilities of the system. Add disk cartridges or servers to increase the storage capacity. Add players to expand movie and music playback to more rooms. Add disc vaults to make
adding content easier and quicker, and to store discs required for playback.

Details regarding components in the current Premiere line can be found at:


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