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What are the home networking requirements?

A high-Speed Internet connection is required for the Kaleidescape System to receive Media Guide Service updates, software updates, system alerts, and to be able to download content from the Kaleidescape Movie Store (in Store supported territories). If the Internet connection is unavailable for some period of time, the Kaleidescape System will continue to operate, giving you full access to your library, but new updates will not be received until the Internet connection is restored.

Kaleidescape recommends all components be connected to the same wired local area network, and that a Gigabit network connection is used. A Gigabit connection is required to be able to server more than one 4K Ultra HD or Blu-ray quality movie from a server at the same time. On Premiere systems and Cinema One, a Gigabit connection may significantly improve import times over the network with Blu-ray discs.

All Kaleidescape components are configured from the factory to obtain an IP address automatically from a router via DHCP, and Kaleidescape recommends this approach for most installations. With care, IP addresses can also be assigned manually using DHCP MAC reservations, or by configuring the Kaleidescape components with static IP addresses.

A single Strato player, Alto player or Cinema One player (2nd generation) can be connected to the Internet using the Wi-Fi connection.


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