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What control systems are supported by Kaleidescape?

Kaleidescape provides dealers with control modules and touch panel templates suitable for a variety of control devices, using both RS-232 and TCP/IP. These include: modules and sample code for Crestron 2-Series Processors and templates for the wide variety of Crestron touch panels and keypads; a module and sample code for AMX NetLinx Processors and templates for the wide variety of AMX touch panels; and ProntoScript modules with integrated templates for Philips Pronto controllers. These modules can control both movies and music from Kaleidescape movie players and music from a Kaleidescape Music Player. The Kaleidescape System can also be controlled from a Java-enabled web browser, allowing almost any computer to control any player. Kaleidescape provides a setup program so that any Windows web tablet can be turned into a dedicated Kaleidescape controller. Kaleidescape provides IR codes and templates to support a variety of remote control devices including the ELAN Home Systems VIA! Valet touch panel, Universal Remote Control Home Theater Master and Professional series, Philips Pronto IR-only remotes, Logitech Harmony Universal Remotes, and RTI Universal Controllers. Kaleidescape provides a generic IR command set for use with any PC-programmable IR remote. For more details on all of these options, see theĀ Control Systems section of the Kaleidescape Support site.


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