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What happens if the same disc is accidentally cataloged or imported twice?

The Kaleidescape System automatically identifies each Blu-ray disc, DVD or CD before it is cataloged or imported. If a user tries to catalog a disc that is identical to one that is already cataloged, or tries to import a disc that is identical to one that is already imported, the process will stop and one of the following messages will appear within seconds: "Content already cataloged" or "Content already imported."
If two discs are not identical in every way, both can be cataloged or imported. For example, a user can catalog or import two versions of the same movie that have different subtitles, extra features, or aspect ratios.

NOTE: Systems sold after November 30, 2014, are not be able to import CSS-protected DVDs. For more information, please visit:CSS-Protected-DVD-FAQs

NOTE: Encore systems do not support music or the import of discs. DVDs and Blu-ray discs may be cataloged so they can be shown in the on-screen user interface, like content downloaded from the Kaleidescape Movie Store.


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