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What happens in the event of a hard disk drive failure?

Premiere Line
Although Kaleidescape uses high quality hard disk drives, occasionally, drives do fail. On average, drives in Kaleidescape Systems fail at a rate of one or two percent per year. To prevent loss of information from a drive failure, every Kaleidescape server in the Premiere line uses RAID-K to store parity information. In addition, the 3U Server features a hot spare disk cartridge as an added measure of data protection.

If a disk drive fails, the disk cartridge indicator light changes from blue to amber (or does not light up at all) and an email alert is sent to the dealer and the end user (if set up to receive them). Email alerts are maintained on the Extranet by the dealer of record. If no dealer of record exists, Kaleidescape Support can update the email alerts.

When a disk drive fails in a 3U Server with a hot spare disk cartridge, a rebuild begins automatically. The server remains blue and movies and music in your library can continue to be enjoyed, however new content cannot be added until the rebuild completes. The server is vulnerable to losing data should another drive fail, but only until the rebuild completes.

When a disk fails in a 1U Server, 5U Server, 3U Server without a hot spare, or a Cinema One (1st generation), a message is displayed in the onscreen display saying, “A disk cartridge on your Kaleidescape System is missing or has failed. Please have your Kaleidescape System serviced as soon as possible to avoid having to re-import your movies and music.” A similar message appears in the browser interface. The server turns amber and the movies and music in your library can continue to be enjoyed, however new content cannot be added to your library. After 10 days, the Kaleidescape System stops operating until the failed disk cartridge is replaced. It is very important to replace a failed disk drive as soon as possible when a server is in this state. The server is vulnerable to losing data should another drive fail. When the disk cartridge is replaced, the information on the failed disk drive is automatically rebuilt onto the new disk cartridge.

Disk cartridges can be replaced easily by the customer or the dealer while the system is operating.

Rebuilding: This process generally takes 24 to 48 hours to calculate the data missing from the failed disk drive. During this time, the server is considered degraded, and is vulnerable to data loss should another drive fail. While you can still enjoy all the movies and music in your library during a rebuild, new content cannot be added. The rebuild status is shown in the System Status window of the browser interface, and the dealer of record can monitor this from the Extranet.

Kaleidescape Alto and Cinema One If the hard disk drive fails contact your authorized dealer or Kaleidescape Support.


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