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What happens in the event of a hard disk drive failure in a Premiere system?

When a hard disk drive fails in a Premiere system, you will still be able to enjoy all the movies and music in your library, but the system will not import or download any new content. Your Premiere system will also be vulnerable to losing data from a second disk drive failure, until the first failed disk drive has been replaced and the data on it rebuilt.

If you suspect that a disk drive has failed, then always contact Kaleidescape Support first. They can help you check whether or not the disk drive has failed. If it has failed, Kaleidescape Support can help you replace the failed drive as soon as possible.

  • Do not remove any disk cartridges that are displaying a solid blue or blinking blue light.
  • Do not remove the disk cartridge containing the failed drive, other than to re-insert it only once.
  • Do not move the suspect disk cartridge to another slot.
  • Do not put a different disk cartridge in the suspect slot.
  • Do not put the suspect disk cartridge in another server.
  • Do not put a disk cartridge from another server in this server.
  • Do not reboot the server.

To help you check whether or not the disk drive has really failed, Kaleidescape Support may ask you to remove the suspect disk cartridge and re-insert it firmly in case it is seated incorrectly. They may ask you to gently touch the logo button of the suspect 1U or 3U Server disk cartridge — if the button is loose, the disk cartridge may not be fully latched. They may ask you to check whether the white optical sticker on the inside surface of the handle of a suspect 5U Server disk cartridge has fallen off — if it has, it may need to be replaced.



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