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What is Kaleidescape Co-Star?

Kaleidescape Co-Star allows all Kaleidescape system owners to upgrade to the Kaleidescape Strato player to enjoy 4K Ultra HD movies, while maintaining seamless access to disc-based content from a Premiere or Cinema One system. Not only can the Kaleidescape Strato play movies downloaded from the Kaleidescape Store, it can pair with the older system, uniting 4K Ultra HD and disc titles into a single Movie List or Movie Covers view. Movie playback is controlled from the Strato player, but, behind the scenes, the disc titles play from the Premiere or Cinema One player, with video directed to the main display via the Kaleidescape Co-Star switch, Lumagen Radiance Pro, or Crestron NVX device.As always, Kaleidescape owners see a single view of all the movies in their library, ready to play at a moment’s notice. And now Kaleidescape Store titles can be purchased directly from the same award-winning interface!
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